Is God Limited by Sin?


In John Piper’s book Spectacular Sins, he not only addresses this question but asserts that God is indeed sovereign over sin.  He asserts,

“God did not just overcome evil at the cross.  He mad evil serve the overcoming of evil.  He made evil commit suicide in doing its worst evil.”

This little book goes beyond the category of “thought provoking” into “awe inspiring.”  In a way only Piper can do, he overwhelms his readers with a view of God’s glory that not only produces greater worship, but grounds your faith for the worst of times.(p.14) Following an introduction to the Sovereignty of God and Sin, he examines seven snapshots of Scriptures most “spectacular sins.”  Each Scripture saturated chapter addresses a sinful event, ranging from Satan’s Fall to Joseph’s Slavery, to display God’s hand and purposes.  The book culminates with an examination of the most spectacular sin, Christ Crucifixion, and God’s sovereign will in this horrendous act.

Needless to say this book is not for the faint of heart, rather it is for those who want to think deeply about the truths of God’s Word and experience the wonder it produces. So, if you want to understand God’s relationship to Sin in an extraordinary way, I highly recommend this book to you.  What is even more amazing is that you can have a pdf copy FREE here or purchase it on Amazon here or find the audiobook here. Below is a short video from the author describing the book.

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