How to Invite Your Friend to Church?

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The following is a follow-up post to “Why Invite your Friends to Church?” 

Recently I watched the video below and thought it was hilarious.  However after some thought I began to wonder how individuals go about inviting others to church. Some times our invitations go well and other times they are slightly better than the video. So how do we invite others to join us for church? I don’t think there is a magical formula for inviting others to church but I do think there are four general principles.

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The Invitation

I’ll begin by saying you must to invite them to join you.  Don’t just expect them to do it on their own.  However, the invitation doesn’t have to be awkward.   Unlike the character in the video, you don’t need to spiritualize your invitation.  The invitation to church is already a spiritual conversation.  While crisis can prove to be a great time for sharing the gospel, it doesn’t usually make for a great time to invite people to church. If an explanation is needed for your invitation, then share some of the great things you have been experiencing at church.  We naturally do this with most things in our lives.  Like, when someone has a great experience at a restaurant they will typically tell others about the service, how good the food was, and so on. The same is true at church, the things which bless you at church will most likely be a blessing to your friends.

Follow Up

There are so many voices in our culture vying for our time and energy, we can often be drown out by all the noise.  Make sure they hear your invitation and know that you seriously desire them to join you. Don’t let those you invite think it is a passing moment, follow up with them.  Take time to ask them if they are going to be able to make it.  If they have intentions to come, make arrangements to go out for a meal afterwards or invite them to your house for a meal afterwards. Whatever the situation take into consideration where they are at in life.  If they don’t have money for gas or food, offer to pay or pick them up.  Don’t allow circumstances to get in the way of their participation.

Their Arrival

Plan for their arrival. If they are coming for service, leave Sunday School in a timely manner to meet them at the front door.  If they have children tell their Sunday School teachers ahead of time to prepare for them.  Make sure that wherever you sit has enough room for them to sit with you. Whatever it takes, make arrangements for them to feel welcome.

Also, help them to feel at home.  Point them in the direction of the restroom.  Show them the children’s area.  Most importantly, introduce them to other members. Don’t allow them to merely be your neighbors but invite them to be a part of the family.  The more connections people make to the family of God the more they will feel a part of it.

Follow Through

Their attendance is not your end goal (for more information see the previous post).  Inviting a person to church is a means to sharing the gospel with them.  Therefore you must seek to continue a conversation with them.  Ideally your follow up should come quickly, don’t wait days or weeks to ask them about the service.  As suggested before invite them out for lunch following the service and discuss things there.

Ask them if they had questions about the Church, the service, and most importantly the message.  This is where many may be scared, because the don’t feel adequate to answer the question.  If all else fails tell them you will ask the pastor and get back with them.

Finally, if they peek interest in the church and the message, invite them to participate in a more intimate church setting like a Sunday School class or a Life Group. I am saying you should invite not pester.  Don’t continue to irritate them about the one time they came to your service.


As I stated before this is not a magical formula, merely practical suggestions for making the most of your friendships.

  • What are some ways that you seek to invite friends to church?
  • How do you follow through with their attendance?  
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