Restoring Joy: A Study in the Joy of Repentance

We are in a world broken by sin, with fallen bodies, and sinful people.  But we must be clear; our biggest problem is not outside of us but inside of us.  As we respond to life in a broken world, our hearts are revealed. Therein, we find sin lying…


Christian, Make the Most of Your Smartphone

It is no secret that there are dangers in technology.  However, the technology isn’t the problem.  Smartphones, computers, and other modern technology are merely tools.  Those tools can be used by our sinful desires to accomplish many evil…

Summer Reading

8 Refreshing Reads for Your Summer

Summer is here! We love summer because it is a time to get outside and get invigorated. Whether we find refreshment, at the river, in a hammock, or around the campfire, we know we need it, and we seek it during this time of year.

One of the…

Summer Reading