God has blessed this congregation with a facility to be used to further His kingdom.  As such we seek to be good stewards of this good gift.  Therefore, we find it necessary to limit and regulate the use for the best interest of the church and God’s purposes.  The intent of this statement is to establish consistent requirements for non-church group use of our church facilities.

All non-church groups (any group or individual not sponsored by or related to First Baptist Church of Cabool) desiring to use church facilities must confirm acceptance of the terms herein specified.  All required application forms must be completed and approved by the church.  Further, all deposits, fees, etc., must be paid in full and submitted with a Signed Release & Waiver Liability, and Signed policy agreement at the time of scheduling. If the event is postponed or canceled at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled use, the money will be promptly returned. Checks for FLC rental and clean-up are to be made out to First Baptist Church of Cabool. First Baptist Church of Cabool reserves the right to approve or disapprove the use of any of our facilities. Please see reservation calendar before requesting use. Payment of fees or donations for use of our facilities may be paid in cash or by check. If a check is used, it shall be made out to First Baptist Church of Cabool.  Renewal of permission to use stated church facilities depends, in part, on satisfactory compliance with requirements during the previous period of use.

The Building and Grounds Committee reserves the right to accept or deny requests for use of church facilities and to cancel or modify established agreements in the church’s best interest regarding property management, requirements for use of the facilities for church activities (which shall always have priority), and church relationships with governmental regulations. Regularly scheduled activities of First Baptist Church of Cabool have priority over all other requests.