As much as we may love the old Christmas carols and hymns, they are mere reflections of the truths found in the vintage Christmas carols of Luke.  In W. Graham Scrooge’s Guide to the Gospels, he makes the point that these vintage Christmas carols are “the last of the Hebrew Psalms, and the first of the Christian hymns.” They are the hinge of Christian history binding together the Old Testament, the first half of God’s story, and the New Testament, God’s part 2. In other words they show us God’s continued faithful work throughout the millennia in a way that extends to you and I. These vintage Christmas carols should cause our hearts to join with the characters of scripture as we rejoice in the King’s birth.

We invite you to join us over the next 4 weeks, as we will plunge into the four vintage carols found in the opening chapters of Luke:

  • November 29th: Mary’s Magnificat (1:46-55)
  • December 6th: Zachariah’s Benedictus (1:67-79)
  • December 13th: Angels’ Gloria (2:13-14)
  • December 20th: Simeon’s Nunc Dimittis (2:28-32)

We pray these scriptures will cause us to slow down and take thought of melodious truths surrounding the birth of Christ.  May this Christmas truly be vintage!