Sunday Mornings at 9:45 am, the students meet in the Family Life Center and work together through the same passages of Scripture as the Adults.  However, their time is geared toward helping them study the Bible for themselves and apply the text to their own lives.

We also provide parents with a One Conversation resource. One Conversation is a tool to help parents connect with their students on a spiritual level. The goal is for parents to have one meaningful spiritual conversation with their student each session. The One Conversation sheet will provide several ways to begin that conversation. The Scripture passage is noted, so parents can look it up and refresh it in their own minds. You don’t have to be a superdad or supermom to enjoy success with the One Conversation resource. It all starts with a conversation.

Explore the Bible

The Explore the Bible study equips students with skills on how to study the Bible with context and meaning while showing them how the text applies to their lives today. As illustrated in the video, it gives the students the unique opportunity to tread through Scripture together and overcome any challenges they may find.