Restoring Joy: A Study in the Joy of Repentance


We are in a world broken by sin, with fallen bodies, and sinful people.  But we must be clear; our biggest problem is not outside of us but inside of us.  As we respond to life in a broken world, our hearts are revealed. Therein, we find sin lying to us, promising life and happiness but giving death(James 1:14-15) and sorrow. Sins of lust promise escape and extasy, but lead to prison and shame. Sins of anger promise justice and power, but cannot fulfill them.  Sins of greed guarantee security and rest but leave us wanting and restless.

After we’ve given into these sins, we begin to believe there is no way out.  But God’s Word provides us with a roadmap to joy again.  The power of the Gospel is freedom from sin and the restoration of Joy.

I pray you’ll join us , Sunday, July 16th thru August 27th, as we examine King David’s response to his own sin in 2Samuel 11&12, Psalm 51, and Psalm 32 during our regular worship services. We pray this will be an excellent opportunity for us to find Restoring Joy.

Preaching Schedule

July 16th 2 Samuel 11 &12
July 23rd Psalm 51:1-2
July 30th Psalm 51:3-6
August 6th Psalm 51:7-9
August 13th Psalm 51:10-12
August 20th Psalm 51:13-17
August 27th Psalm 32
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