No More Excuses


That’s not my gift. Isn’t that what you do across the ocean. That’s for summer trips. I’m not sure what to say. All of these and many more are the excuses people give for not sharing the gospel with others. And while the excuses abound, God’s Word still calls every believer to,

“…make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28:17ff)

If you are saying, “Where do I begin?” allow me to suggest Life on Mission, an excellent introductory book on personal disciple making by Dustin Willis and Aaron Coe. They begin by calling us to see our place in God’s expanding kingdom in chapters 1–4. This section helps expand our understanding  of mission to include the places we find ourselves everyday. Building on this understanding they continue by laying a gospel foundation for life. In chapters 5–8 they move from a explanation of the Gospel to apply it personally, corporately, and in discipleship relationships. In the final section they get very practical and give four practical steps for personal evangelism. The best part is they give many great examples that are doable by any believer. These real life stories mixed with practical truth provide a very compelling example of life on mission . They end the book with a cautionary chapter about the many pitfalls we may face in living a life on mission.

This book well rounded book will remove all your excuses for not sharing the gospel and give you a very practical method. While many books give a cookie cutter approach Life on Mission gives you some categories that apply to any everyday missionary, whether they find themselves in rural american, urban skylines, or across the globe.  You can purchase the book in paperback or kindle formats here. There is a bonus to purchasing this book. A 100% of the royalties go to Send North America. So, I pray that it will bless your efforts to share the gospel with your friends, family, and neighbors, as well as support the many church planters across our nation seeking to make disciples.

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