Making the Most of 1John


Some may not understand why I get so excited about a sermon series, so allow me to explain. First, it is the word of God and I am always amazed by the depth and hope of each passage. This is true of 1 John, because every passage is an explosion of life changing truth. Secondly, every new book has some unique benefits. You may be asking, “What are the unique benefits of 1 John?”

I am glad you asked. John’s first epistle was written to those who were experiencing attacks on their faith. John wrote to secure genuine faith, prevent them from falling, and to help them experience the joy of assurance. Therefore, it will provide a good test of assurance for those who have doubted their faith or those who should be doubting their faith.

You see, John develops evidence of genuine faith that provides a measuring tool for you and I. These tools should not be seen as a to do list for earning salvation, rather as check boxes in order to see the fruit of genuine faith.

We are praying earnestly for this sermon series to impact our church.  I encourage you to make the most of this opportunity in 5 distinct ways.


This may seem quite ordinary, but I invite you to pray through this series. Even if you already regularly pray, let me encourage you to pray in a specific way; Pray that God would cause you to hear, understand, and apply all that 1 John records. Pray that God would use this to open the eyes of any who do not have genuine faith.


I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. – Psalm 119:11

Lets take our extended time in 1 John as an opportunity to store it in our hearts by memorizing a portion, I would commend memorizing 1 John 3:1–18. We will be in this book for 18 weeks, so this will allow you to memorize one verse per week. Find someone to hold you accountable and get to work.

If you own an iPhone or iPad I would highly recommend Verses.  I use it regularly and it make scripture memory fun and easy. 


Read books which highlight the themes of 1 John. There are three that I find to be highly applicable. You can check them out from the church library or order them below.


Since this book is meant to assure it’s readers of their eternity, take it as an opportunity to examine your own heart. This will accomplish one of three beneficial things; It could further ground you in your faith, reveal the need to submit your life to Christ for the first time, or reveal areas in your life which you need to seek the transforming grace of God. All of these options will make the most of 1 John.


Finally, make the most of 1 John by inviting others to examine it with you. Whether they join us for service or merely get together with you each week to discuss these truths, it will provide a great opportunity to share the Gospel with others.

How will you make the most of 1John?

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