Treasure Map?


Three different people give you a treasure map; how you respond to those treasure maps will depend on your opinion of those people more than the map. If the first man is a hobo living on the streets begging for his next meal, you will probably think he is out of his mind. If believed […]

Torino, Chevelle, Challenger & the Kingdom of God


What does a 72′ Ford Torino and 72′ Chevy Chevelle and 72′ Dodge Challenger have in common with the crowd in front of Jesus? You see if we were to line them up next to one another and remove the logo, many people wouldn’t be able to distinguish them apart. However, though each car may […]

Murderous Decent: Sunday Rewind


Ever wonder how to become a murderer? Probably not, because no one ever sets out to be one. Rather, it is a slow unintentional murderous descent. While we may not have recognized it, last week we saw the beginnings of this descent as Mark showed the Pharisee point of view. Read more

October 16, 2016 Rewind