Child Dedication: It’s Meaning & Purpose


With the upcoming child dedication, January 17th,  it is important that we take a moment to discuss its meaning and purpose.  

The Danger of Familiarity


As we begin our 2016 Challenge, we start by reading the first 5 chapters of Matthew.  This comes on the coattails of Christmas, which makes these passage very familiar.  Thus we pray the following post will be a timely encouragement. 

The danger of a familiar text is often unspoken of, but it is very real. Familiarity with a story or text of Scripture can cause us to gloss over a passage because we’ve read or heard it before. So how do we overcome this temptation?  The answer is to slow down and question the familiar. Read more

Matthew Overview


This post is a resource for the 2016 challenge.  Click here for more information. 

It is helpful at times to see the big picture when you are reading the details of a book, so here is a brief description of the overall outline of Matthew.  The following is an excerpt from a very helpful book for Bible study. Read more

Applying Genealogies


As part of our 2016 Challenge, we were tasked with reading Matthew 1 today.  While it is an incredible passage to read, it can be intimidating to apply.  Genealogies can be confusing and we can be tempted to skip over them.  So, I have included this excerpt from the ESV Study Bible, page 2573, to help us understand how we can make the most of this passage. Read more